#100DaysOfCode 1/100 Completed @freeCodeCamp Basic HTML & HTML5, Basic CSS, & Applied Visual Design.

Got excited about things that are more widely used than the last time I worked with CSS: border-radius, variables.

Had some trouble wrapping my head around HTML5 forms, since I’m a dinosaur and still have CGI code in my head… But I finally understood that label encompasses, you know, the label for the actual input element, and that name tells you, when you receive the submission, what the submitted input actually is answering… I think that in my own code, though, I’ll be commenting a LOT to keep all of these bits straight in my own head.

Drawing with CSS is blowing my mind. CSS interactions… I think if you couldn’t do it with CSS in 2002, I probably don’t know how to do it. Exciting to learn new stuff!