A conversation with @marijel_melo confirmed a suspicion I had that to a non-cosplayer, saying you were a “closet cosplayer” sounded like you were saying you were a cosplayer on the DL, “in the closet” about your cosplaying, as it were.

Closet cosplay is, rather, a term of art referring to “using what you have from your closet, with maybe a couple cheap store-bought items put together” according to Asta Young in this PopSugar piece. I use it to mean that I’m wearing things that weren’t built explicitly for cosplay, like the Coldwater Creek dress I used for River tam, the thrifted top I used to be Mrs. Lovett, the Old Navy dress I used to be the Fruity Oaty Bar Octopus Lady, the LL Bean pajamas I used to be Jess Day, or the Victorian Gothic getup from Retroscope Fashions (RIP but still on Etsy I guess?) that, yes, I just had hanging in my closet, and also used to be Shojo Loki.

I’m still working out what cosplay-related content will go here at kimberlyhirsh.com vs what belongs to Luna Wednesday, obviously.