📽️ Watched Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones.

This one is about exactly like I remember it. It was my favorite of the prequel trilogy because of the nods to Roman culture; I actually referenced it in my personal statement when I applied for my Master of Arts in Teaching Latin.

After this viewing, I think Anakin seemed even creepier and grouchier than he did before. He shows up all obsessed with Padmé and it seems like she doesn’t reciprocate his feelings until I guess one day she does? I suppose we get as much evidence that she’s into him as we do that Leia is into Han, but I don’t know. Han never gives an intense “I’ve thought of you every day for 10 years” speech.

Anyway, aside from her poor judgement in returning Anakin’s affections, I think Padmé is awesome. She was basically in Model UN, which is adorable. I’ve decided that she’s clearly why Luke and Leia aren’t garbage humans. And especially why Leia is so awesome. (I mean yeah Jimmy Smits Organa probably helped but still.)

Another one I’m not going to watch again before my kid makes me. (Also the shift in tone from Phantom Menace to this is bananas.)