🎧 Listened to Beetlejuice (Original Broadway Cast Recording).

Best part -

Delia: Crystals speak to me.
Lydia: What are they saying?
Delia: Buy more crystals.

I adore the movie Beetlejuice. We recorded it from a TV broadcast when I was a kid, and I watched it SO MUCH that I have large chunks of it memorized. That classic Danny Elfman “Dah dah dah, dah dah dah” music stirs my heart.

So there was big potential for devotion or disappointment here.

It’s super fun, though not in the listen-obsessively way, for me anyway. It’s a shining example of what an adaptation should be. It scratches little nostalgia itches, but also updates it to resonate with the current cultural moment (see: changing Delia from an avant-garde artist, which is very late 80s, to a woo woo life coach, which is very now). It is recognizable as based on the original, but adds a lot of new and interesting elements to the story that don’t feel like padding.