📽️ Watched Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Oh my goodness did I enjoy this one. Spidey has been my second favorite superhero since I started reading comics (Kitty Pryde being my first) because he’s nerdy and quippy. This movie did a great job of capturing his essential kid-ness. There were some really beautiful examples of what in my as-yet-unpublished Buffy podcast I call “The Spider-Man Problem” (and Sailor Moon did this in between Spidey and Buffy): the problem of having great power and thus great responsibility while also trying to live a normal teen life. This movie does a nice job of showing how Peter Parker is able to eventually strike a balance, but only after many initial mishaps. (He tends to err on the side of prioritizing being a hero over being a teen, while Buffy often goes the other way. I could talk forever about how each of them is a better whatever they prefer because they are also the other thing.)

Highly recommend, though not as stand-alone from other MCU films as I would like.