🎮 I finished playing Final Fantasy VII Remake yesterday. I had fun with the game and I adore Tifa, Aerith, and Jessie, more than I did when I originally played Final Fantasy VII about 20 years ago. Marlene is the best part because she looks kind of like my kid. FFVII is in a weird spot for me because it was the first console game I really played, and I played it at a time when I really needed it, emotionally. I’ve tried replays in the past but never made it through. My understanding of the plot has always been… fragmented? And wasn’t made better by watching Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. I deliberately halted a replay before going into the remake so I wouldn’t be constantly comparing them, and I’m happy with that decision. Anyway, I was confused by the ending but didn’t dislike it, and once I talked with W. about it, I found that I actually wished they’d gone bigger in the same direction. I’m now doing a playthrough of the original, and after that I may dig into some of the Final Fantasy VII Compilation titles before going back and doing a plus game replay of FFVIIR.