Hi friend.

I’m taking a break from most social media right now. It can be valuable for a lot of reasons, but I need a little time away. Usually I’m back within 24 hrs of making these declarations, but we’ll see. I’ll still be posting here at my website.

What’s up with you? I’m making good progress on my dissertation. I have finished my first round of coding for information horizon maps and am going to move on to collapsing some codes together. For example, “YouTube,” “youtube,” and “YouTube tutorials” can probably just all fall under “YouTube.”

I’m having widespread pain A LOT this week. I don’t know if it’s what I’m eating, or what. I’m also having some unpleasant side effects from upping my magnesium supplement, I think, but I’m going to give it another week or two to see if my body adjusts. I assume lots of people with chronic illnesses have been having flares during quarantine, because of the stress.

We got my kid a little pool - it’s technically a dog bath pool, but it works for kids, too. It’s the best thing. He will play in there for a really long time, and it’s so cute to watch. Yesterday, he was playing in there and a bunny came over to the garden he and my mother-in-law have set up, and it must have sat there munching within 6 - 10 feet of us for an hour or more. So cute!

I’ve been doing a lot of exploration related to what comes next after school, and have circled back around to thinking some sort of librarian role is best, though probably not a traditional sort of public or school librarian. Maybe working for a library vendor, or something remote. I took a bunch of assessments, and my values, priorities, and skills all align with librarianship which, well, makes a lot of sense, given that I will have spent 8 years in library school by the time I graduate.

Last week, or maybe earlier this week, I was feeling tough and awesome. Today I’m feeling noodly and a little sad. I know I’ll come back around, though. It’s always important to remember the coming back around.

Anyway, I’m off to work.

Love to you all, friends!

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