📝📚 I’ve started doing The Artist’s Way. Yesterday I read the chapter for Week 1 (which, now that I’m doing CS50x, I really want to rename Week 0). This week is about recovering a sense of safety as an artist, replacing negative statements with positive ones, and confronting fears and blocks.

For me, I don’t have much trouble starting or creating. I have trouble finishing and revising (though I quite enjoy working as an editor for other people). So I’ve been thinking about that, about why I fizzle out at the revision stage. Still working on it.

But just as an example, I’ve been sitting on this accepted with revisions paper for far too long now, and I make a little progress every once in a while, but I get stuck. I thought of something today that might help, at least when dealing with my sense of inadequacy in response to reviewers' comments. (I need to get over it, I know. I’m working on it.)

I wrote the first draft of that paper four years ago.

I am a different, better writer than I was then.

Now Me can serve as an editor for Then Me.

I’ll let you know if this helps.