Sometimes, one little thing can take a lot out of me. Today, the plumber came to my house around 8:30 and was here until almost 10. He did a great job, but dealing with humans is exhausting. My kid and I drove to pick up our groceries - we were late - and also while we were in the car, jumped on a call with one of his friends from preschool and that friend’s parent. We got home and he kept chatting with them as I put the perishable groceries away. I left the non-perishables for W. to put away because I was already exhausted, and oh yeah, hadn’t eaten anything and it was approaching 10:30.

Now it’s time to get to work but I just want to drink some coffee and have a caffeine power nap and maybe do some Yoga with Adriene?

I need to get my body a little more sorted because when it feels rotten, I just can’t get work done.