Late to the party but here I go. #20YearsOfGroove

Oh man this Riverdance reference is funny but it sure situates the film in a Moment.

Kuzco kiiiind of pronounces Yzma like “Yeez-ma."

I don’t think I noticed before that Kuzco is happy to eliminate his own food supply so he can have a summer home.

Gonna have to track down a summary of all Yzma’s outfits.

We just got to the lab and she’s on her third pair of earrings.

I highly recommend Feast of Fiction’s recipe for Kronk’s Spinach Puffs.

People talk about how this movie has a Looney Tunes vibe and I think the score is a big part of that. The bit where there’s a bug on a tree branch and then a monkey enters the frame with a little “tink tink tink” reminds me of Randy Rogel’s work on “Animaniacs."

The water splashes as they come down the waterfall remind me of Golden Age animation, especially Pinocchio.

So is Tipo clairvoyant?

Pacha says Chicha made his poncho. Kuzco asks if she knits and Pacha says she crochets. Both of these crafts were brought to the Americas by European colonizers. Real ponchos that inspired Pacha’s were probably made by weaving or nålebinding.



The revolving door in the restaurant scene is used for some classic farce. broadwayeducators.com/tips-for-direc…

And now my kid has informed me that we will be watching the last third of the movie another day, because he wants to play Donkey Kong Country now.

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