I started a bookstagram account. You can find it at kimberlyhirsh.reads if you want to follow along. Right now this almost 20 year old picture of me kissing books is the only post over there.

Here are seven bookish facts about me:

💀 My favorite book since 7th grade has been Piers Anthony’s ON A PALE HORSE. I love that it’s about what it’s like to BE Death.

📓 The most recent F2F bookish event I attended was when @austinkleon visited Flyleaf Books on tour for KEEP GOING. That was > 2 years ago.

🚊I love stories with hidden doors that lead to secret rooms. I think the most recent of these I’ve read is @erinmorgenstern’s THE STARLESS SEA.

📕 When I was in middle school, I volunteered as a summer program assistant at my local library.

ðŸŒģ My current favorite reading spot is a hammock on my back deck.

🎒 I used to be a middle school librarian.

💒 I’ve only been to the Library of Congress once that I can remember. It was a spiritual experience.

📚 Your turn! Let me know a bookish fact about you!

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