📚 Right before I started my Grishaverse catch up, I went on a dark academia spree. These were three of the books I read as part of that. They’re each very different from the other and each excellent. I highly recommend any of them. IF WE WERE VILLAINS has classic dark academia vibes with undergrads in a Shakespeare conservatory covering up a shared secret. BUNNY is a surreal and beautiful story set in a graduate writing program. THE HISTORIAN is an epic novel of following Dracula’s story and a family of scholars as they unravel mysteries from New York to Romania, with stops in Istanbul and Hungary along the way.


I have Mona Awad’s next book, ALL’S WELL, in my @netgalley queue and am excited to read it. What’s a book you’re looking forward to reading soon?


[Three books are stacked on a coffee table in front of a brick fireplace.]

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