If you read through today’s Done List, you’ll notice I put basic self-care tasks like showering and dental hygiene on it. This is because as a person with chronic illness, those count as tasks that use energy, energy I then won’t have to spend on something else.

  • Prepped M’s lunch and school stuff.
  • Took M to school.
  • Took and posted Star Trek Day selfie.
  • Made myself coffee and breakfast.
  • Ate breakfast.
  • Listened to part of the first episode of Gates McFadden Investigates. - really feels like sitting in on a conversation with my friends; apparently I have deep parasocial relationships with the TNG cast.
  • Took a shower.
  • Brushed, flossed, and rinsed my teeth.
  • Trimmed my nails.
  • Watched a little TNG.
  • Made coffee.
  • Had a snack.
  • Managed my task list.
  • Messed around on Twitter a lot.
  • Gave W some feedback on his Fulbright essays.
  • Loaded Brent Spiner’s upcoming book on my eReader.
  • Read a lot of Lore Olympus.
  • Worked on getting old masking tape off kitchen floor.
  • Made lunch.
  • Ate lunch.
  • Picked M up from school.
  • Made muffins with M.
  • Watched a compilation of all Spot’s appearances on TNG 🐈.
  • Played Dragon Quest III while M. watched Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.
  • Packed M’s snack and lunch for tomorrow.
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