🗨️ My response to Kottke.org Is 25 Years Old Today and I’m Going to Write About It

Happy anniversary, Jason! Is the font on that Notes entry Tahoma or Verdana? I’m having some big early blogging nostalgia looking at it.

I love what you say about the kottke.org being a process. I got the web only a little while before you started kottke.org. I was 14 or 15 and I’ll be 42 this year. Since I first opened up Netscape (after my dad, who ran IT for Duke Law School, told me that Prodigy and AOL were a waste of my time and the web is where it’s at), the web has been a key piece of my identity development and construction.

Here’s to 25 more years or as many as you would like, if that’s too many.