🍿 Watched Hats Off to Christmas.

Stefan from Saturday Night Live, played by Bill Harder, says 'This place has everything'

This is the most paradigmatic Hallmark Christmas movie. It has everything:

  • a struggling small business
  • a suit guy
  • who is going back to his small hometown after life in the big city
  • a wheelchair-riding moppet
  • who miraculously recovers from the injury that made him need a wheelchair
  • a woman being stupid because of a conversation she eavesdropped on
  • who is a young widow
  • two chaste kisses
  • a happy ending

Is it a good movie? No. But is it a laughably bad movie? No. Haylie Duff is incredibly winning and the reason I kept watching. Her chemistry with her costar is non-existent but she’s so cute, I didn’t care.

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