Finished reading: New Adult by Timothy Janovsky πŸ“š

Like if 13 Going on 30 was instead 23 Going on 30. Timothy Janovsky’s characters make me so happy, they’re so heart-full. Also lots of good stuff about keeping comedy in its proper place in your life rather than letting it become an all-consuming obsession.

<img src=“" width=“600” height=“600” alt=“A book titled ‘New Adult’ by Timothy Janovsky is centrally placed on a textured fabric surface, surrounded by colorful tarot cards and small heart-shaped stones. The book cover is adorned with illustrations of young adults engaged in various activities and has stars scattered around. The image features a quote from the New York Times praising the novel as “witty, playful, heartbreaking, and intensely poetic”. The overall mood of the image is whimsical and colorful, evoking a sense of curiosity.">