I have a lot of interests. Here are pages about some of them:

  • Reading - Reading is my longest-standing hobby. On this page, you’ll find a list of all of the books I’ve read since March 2007, links to my favorite reading advice posts from other bloggers, and a growing list of links to the author interviews I did back when I had a blog that was exclusively about reading and books.
  • Podcast - My podcast’s official title is “Kimberly Hirsh Presents.” It’s about whatever I want to talk about and I release it whenever I’ve gotten something ready to share. Right now there are three episodes, all part of a series called “Things of Bronze.” This series focuses on episode-by-episode discussion of Buffy the Vampire Slayer from the perspective of one or more Bronzers, people who posted at the official BtVS posting board named “The Bronze” after the club on the show.

I’m also into crochet, crafting more generally, video games, and board games. I hope to get more stuff about these interests on my website in the future.

Kimberly Hirsh, PhD @kimberlyhirsh