Truth: I’ve been blogging for years. I don’t even know how many. Six maybe? Truth: I have had an LJ for over 5 years. Truth: I don’t spread the URLs for them all over because I’m a teacher. I know nothing is private on the internet, but there are some degrees of anonymity we can preserve. If my students find this journal, I don’t especially mind. Truth: If you want to read about my daily life or my ideas about fashion, I’ll be happy to provide you a link. Just drop me an email - lectitans (at) gmail (dot) com.

(After seeing that Miss Erin has a theatre blog I’m inclined to start one of those, too, but I’ll save it for when I’m doing more than a show a year, because content will be hard to produce, no? Though, hm. I suppose I will be stage managing this summer. Maybe I’ll make one then.)

So, remember how I was going book shopping today?

In the end, there was little time. I needed to go to my parents' house, because my aging dog is not doing well and it’s important I see him as much as possible. He was feeling better today, so it’s possible he will be with us a while longer. So I only hit Target, where they did not have any of the books I wanted.

But in my mother’s bedroom, what should appear but Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston. Of course she let me borrow it. Booklending is one of a mother’s primary responsibilities.

So now I have that to read! And I didn’t spend any money or have to make a special library trip for it, either. Yay!