Over at Jen Robinson's Book Page I found this meme:

Where do you do most of your reading? Your favorite spot?

I do most of my reading while in motion.  When I go for walks is when I read the most.  Otherwise, it’s a toss up between the couch and bed.  The couch on which I read is big, hideously mustard-colored, and comfy.  It’s one of those weird segmented couches, with a corner pieces, two pieces with only one side to them, and one piece with no side at all.  (When I say side I really mean arm, I guess.)  We’ve pushed these together to create a vaguely bed-shaped thing.  When I read in bed, I use the Bedrest Pillow my boyfriend discarded due to its non-working circuitry.  He got a new one and I got his old one.  It doesn’t have the massage/light/heat functionality, since it’s broken, but it does let me sit up in bed.

I can think of two favorite spots to read.  One is on my grandmother’s patio, in Florida.  When the weather is just right, around Christmastime, it’s a lovely 70ish degrees Fahrenheit and a breeze is blowing.  I sit and I read and no one disturbs me.  The other spot is the porch of my boyfriend’s family’s beach condo.  I’ve only been there twice, but my ritual was to wake up every morning and go sit on the porch and just read until he woke up.  The sound of the waves and the smell of saltwater serve as a perfect backdrop for a good book.