Over at A Year of Reading, Franki asks us to share our own reading goals.  Here are mine!

1. Read 36 books this year.  Last year, my goal was 26 - a book every two weeks.  This year, it's 3 a month.  That seems terribly slow to me, as Little Willow reads my yearly goal each month.  I justify it to myself by saying books are her business.  To be on target with this goal I need to read three or four books in the next week or so.  I am including complete graphic novels as books for my goal, and books of all genres and lengths.  This should make it more achievable.  I'm not including individual comic books or trade paperbacks that are collections.

2. Read the entire Xanth series in chronological order.  This is a goal at which I'm chipping away extremely slowly.  Piers Anthony is my favorite author.  I'm currently 29% of the way there, but Piers is a prolific man with intentions to keep expanding the series as long as he's writing.  I'd set reading his entire oeuvre as a goal but in several of his series, one generation replaces the prior as the main characters in a book, and I can't always sustain reading when that happens.  (cf. L'Engle)

3. Read books from the Cybils 2006 shortlist.  I'm not sure of the scope of this goal yet.  Originally I was just being choosy, reading the titles that interested me from their descriptions.  Then I expanded to reading all the Sci-Fi/Fantasy, the graphic novels, and the middle grades and YA fiction.  Now I'm thinking I may just go whole hog and read all the books on there.

4. Read books as market research for writing.  They always say you should read a lot before you write, so that's what I'm doing.  I've already learned a lot, so that's exciting.  This is the least measurable of my goals.

I'm considering adding more.  Perhaps reading all the Newberys.  It looks like a good time to set the goal of reading all the Geisels, doesn't it?

What are your reading goals?