There are few things quite as thrilling as getting a package from Amazon.  Amazon usually means media for me, and I love media.  Especially books.

Today’s box brought On Pointe, the readergirlz pick this month, and the 2007 Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market.  I’m enjoying both.  I’m especially excited about the articles in CW&IM.  There’s some synchronicity in my life, as the only book at the airport that looked interesting was Death Dance, leading me to read two books about dancers at once.  I don’t have dance class tonight because it’s spring break for most of the younger students, but I figure reading about dance should make up for it.

I wish I could figure out what my favorite Amazon box ever contained.  Do you have a favorite package you’ve ever received?  Especially a book you or someone else ordered for you, perhaps?