Shadow is a fairy, formerly a highway robber.  Lon is her boss, who runs a cargo transport business.  Five years ago, a band of fairies jumped down from the trees and killed Lon's wife, Misty.  Now, Lon and Shadow are visiting Misty's family as a detour on one of their cargo runs.  In the five years since Misty's death, Shadow has found her emotions for Lon changing from the loyalty of an employee to the warmth of a friend, and perhaps even to something more.  She wants him to return her feelings, but at the same time thinks that they can never be together because of the tragedy her people brought him.  Before she can have the love she wants, Shadow first has to come to terms with her people's crimes.

In "Love in Shadow," Sonja Foust quickly establishes the characters of Lon and Shadow and their relationship dynamic.  They are a sweet, funny couple, even if they won't admit to being paired.  On one level, "Love in Shadow" is a sweet, quick read that will leave your heart smiling.  Don't suppose, though, that just because it is only 21 pages long, this story won't make you think.  "Love in Shadow" deals with larger themes of prejudice and guilt.  The best romance stories have love as their central theme but not as their only theme, and that is true of "Love in Shadow."  "Love in Shadow" is charming, thought-provoking, and fun, all at once. 

Book: Love in Shadow
Author: Sonja Foust
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Original Publication Date: 2007
Pages: 21
Age Range: Adult
Source of Book: Purchased from Publisher Website
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