At the beginning of the school year, the school newspaper sent a kid around to interview all the new teachers.  He had lots of questions, boring ones like "Where'd you go to college?" (which he managed to misquote me on), and less boring ones such as, "What cartoons do you like?" but the question that nearly stumped me because my heart was torn in two was "Who's your favorite superhero?"

In the end, he quoted me as saying I liked the X-Men, I think.  But what I really said was, "Spiderman!  No, wait, the X-Men!  Well, I like all the X-Men but I like Kitty Pryde the best.  So.... AH!  This is such a hard question!  I guess I'll go with Kitty Pryde and Spiderman."

This brings me to tell you about tomorrow.

Tomorrow is an important day.  Cinco de Mayo.  My boyfriend's birthday.  Free Comic Book Day.

It's appropriate that Free Comic Book Day is my boyfriend's birthday, as he is the one who got me into comics.  It's also appropriate that Spiderman 3 is coming out today, the day before Free Comic Book Day and my boyfriend's birthday.  It's such a unique confluence of events that brought us here.

So, go get a free comic book.  You might run into MJ there, in which case she'll say this:

(They actually made that a line in Spiderman 2 and I about died of happiness.)