Over at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast, Eisha and Jules invite folks to post seven good things that happened to them in the past week.  I’m doing this for the first time today.  (You can expect a lot of posts this morning, because tomorrow my 48HBC post is supposed to be my last post for the day so I’ve got to say everything NOW!)

Without further ado:

1. Exams went relatively smoothly; even when I didn’t have quite enough copies of a test I was able to pull out the ones I’d given to seniors (who get to take their exams early) and thus salvage the situation.

2. One of my students said to me, “I really like you as a teacher and appreciate everything you’ve done for me."  That was nice.

3. I got lots of stuff in the mail, including a mini-trampoline!

4. I saw Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End a second time.

5. While listening to Celia Rees’s Pirates! (you can expect a review sometime), I realized that I actually know a lot about pirates and should not set aside my plan to write the Great YA Pirate Novel in which two sisters are pirates together and Romantic Love Does Not Save The Day.  (I’m all in favor of romantic love, but sometimes I get weary of its effect in pirate stories.  cf. Tanith Lee’s Piratica.)

6. I decided to prep myself for writing my Great YA Pirate Novel, I should read lots of children’s and YA pirate novels, and also lots of pirate-related non-fiction, and was thus inspired to create Summer 2007: The Summer of Piracy, A Pirate Challenge.

7. I happened upon 

and , who I liked BEFORE I knew they had pirate-related LJ usernames; and in reading ’s posts about ALA and ’s profile revealing his interest in a possible library science career, made the joyful revelation that former students can be future colleagues.  (The distinction one must make between “student” and “friend” is pretty key in teaching, which is hard when you have AWESOME students as I often do.  Once they graduate, though, they’re totally fair game as friends/colleagues.  I had a couple students this year who claim they shall test my statement of this fact by coming back once they’ve been away for a year or so and asking to be my friend.)

What good things happened to you this week?