Welcome, me hearties!  I be Captain Anne Scarlett, also known as Mermaid Jane, and this be my ship, Melusine.  I’d like ya to be joinin' me in the Pirate Reading Challenge.  Here be the rules:

1. The challenge begins June 12, 2007 and lasts until September 19, 2007. There be significance to these dates: durin' the week o' June 10 in 1718 Blackbeard ran aground his ship Queen Anne’s Revenge.  September 19 be International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

2. The goal be to read books about pirates. Set your own goal for how many pirate books you’d like to read. (I recommend 3 as a minimum; I meself will probably try for 14 or so.)

3. The books can be any level, fiction or nonfiction. The only requirement be that they be about pirates.

4. As you finish the books, review them.

5. Your final summary should be posted in Pirate Speak (thar’s an English to Pirate translator here) on September 19, and include links to your reviews o' pirate books.

6. Sign your name to the ship’s articles in the comments to the original post.