Each Sunday the ladies of Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast ask us to list seven good things from the week.  (To see their longer explanation, go here.)  It'll be interesting to see what I come up with, as the weeks have just seemed to bleed together.  So here's seven things that I think happened this week, but I'm not absolutely sure.

1. My boyfriend, roommate and I re-arranged my house so that it is much more pleasing.
2. In doing this, we eliminated three pieces of furniture from my bedroom, so now my room is much prettier.
3. Because of the new space, I was able to put my beautiful guitar (a Fender Starcaster - it's black and red) on display in my room.
4. When my sister helped me move one of those pieces of furniture (a chair constructed from ORANGE CRATES) to the dump, I got to be with her for a day and treat her to lunch and stuff.
5. I bought a glass head at Pier 1 imports.  It is much nicer for displaying hats than a styrofoam head is, and also much more adult head sized.
6. Upon seeing a hat I made on said glass head, and then trying it on, a friend commissioned a similar hat in a different color from me.
7. I went swimming.