Because I’m overly fond of alliteration, I’ve decided that in order to be able to make Thursday “Theatre Thursday,” I will be answering the Booking Through Thursday questions on Tuesdays.

So here’s the lectitans weekly schedule:
Sunday - Seven on Sunday
Monday - Monday Misdirection
Tuesday - Booking Through Thursday Tuesday
Wednesday - Open
Thursday - Theatre Thursday
Friday - Poetry Friday
Saturday - Weekend Wonderings

So today, Booking Through Tuesday:

Imagine that everything is going just swimmingly. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and all’s right with the world. You’re practically bouncing from health and have money in your pocket. The kids are playing and laughing, the puppy is chewing in the cutest possible manner on an officially-sanctioned chew toy, and in between moments of laughter for pure joy, you pick up a book to read . . .

What is it?

A Piers Anthony book, no question.  (I should note that last week the question was which book is your “comfort food,” to which my answer would also have been a Piers Anthony book.)  For the happier times, I want something Xanth, I think.  Xanth books are phenomenal to read when the weather is good.  If it’s a bad day, then I’m more in a Bio of a Space Tyrant mood.

I’ll explain on Thursday what I’ll be doing for Theatre Thursday.  Still looking for a topic for Wednesday.  Little Willow suggested good ones but I feel they’d be duplicating my Monday Misdirection and Weekend Wonderings posts.