Each Sunday at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast,  jules and eisha ask us to talk about good stuff that happened in our week.

Here’s mine!

1. Work was low stress and high productivity.  It began with a teacher workday, which enabled me to get ahead on lots of planning.  I also made a push to get caught up on grading, and so now I won’t have much grading to do for the next week.

2. It was a musical theatre week.  I went to see two of my students in a production of Les Miserables.

3. And then I went to see Hairspray the movie of the musical based on the movie (it’s like The Producers that way) which was a lot of fun.

4. I got paid.  

5. Banned Book Week started yesterday!

6. In my unsuccessful quest to find a Nintendo Wii, I discovered that my BFF from middle and high school has a livejournal and friended her at my personal journal.  (And was friends with my housemate but not me.  Life is odd sometimes.)

7. Despite or perhaps because of a couple of little-sleep nights, I came up with the idea for my October Project.