Today I’m highlighting illustrator Brie Spangler’s snowflake for Robert’s Snow: for Cancer’s Cure. Brie’s snowflake is called “Blue-Haired Lady.” I love how the image the title brings to my mind - an elderly woman with wild hair - is not at all what I see on the snowflake. This is a vivacious young thing! With gold stars spangling her hair, I’m inclined to think she may even be a fairy.

According to her bio, “Brie Spangler is an author-illustrator originally from the Boston, Mass. area. She loves clambakes, baseball, and her pekingese, Lola. When not drawing pictures, Brie can be found avoiding direct sunlight, drinking too much coffee, and snuggling with her husband, Matt."

At Brie’s website, you can see a wide variety of her work. She’s very diverse! Her illustrations include educational work for the American Medical Association, children’s series like The Stinky Boys Club and The Caped 6th Grader, magazine illustrations, and pictures for companies like Capezio and Keds.

In June 2008, Knopf will release Brie’s book Peg Leg Peke, the first book on which she is both writer and illustrator.

To buy Brie’s snowflake, go here. The auction begins November 19 and ends November 23. Be sure to check out all the other snowflakes at Robert’s Snow: for Cancer’s Cure!