Hello, litosphere.  Remember me?

As mentioned in my last post, I haven’t had the attention span for fiction of late.  And I picked up Vale of the Vole from the library, and promptly set it down somewhere that will require me to look for it before I can find it.  So yesterday at the library, I roamed the YA shelves and picked up Tanith Lee’s Indigara.  Then I went over to the JF section and picked up The Princess Diaries.  I looked at a lot of books, and if the first paragraph didn’t capture my attention, I knew now was not the time for that book.  So, I’ll start with these and see how I do.  I’ve no set reading goal for this year.

The other day in Target I picked up The Lightning Thief, and was enthralled by the first little bit.  But I decided to get it from the library rather than buy it.  It’s such a popular book, of course, that there’s a waiting list.  So I’m on that.  And once I read that I can get cracking on in media res, my site devoted to the classics in modern media.  The first focus will be on the Olympians, so I’ll include the Percy Jackson series, the God of War video games, and I’ll try to find a movie or two as well.  Right now I’m having trouble because all the movies I can think of that involve Olympians are better suited to a Heroes unit.  So if you have any suggestions, let me know.

I’ve realized that I need to get back to the purpose of this blog, if I’m going to maintain it.  And in my Writing Blogs post, I stated that this blog was “a place to keep track of my own musings on reading."  So that’s what it will be, when I post.  And sometimes I might participate in multi-blog events, and sometimes I might write formal reviews.  But generally, it’s just going to be a journal.

Last year I wanted to write a review of every book I read, and I only failed to do that for 9 of them.  Pretty good, really.  There are a few that I should write reviews for because I specifically requested them from publishers and/or authors, and I’ll fit those in once I get some momentum going.   But for now, it has to be about what captures my imagination, or it won’t happen at all.