I’m "reading" Holly Black’s Valiant right now on CD on my commute.  I almost stopped because I feel like the reader tries a little too hard to distinguish character voices, making them so different as to be unsuited to the characters.  But I’m going to keep going, because I’m enjoying it anyway.

Sometimes, a character in a book says something that feels like it could have come out of your own mouth.  At least, it happens to me every once in a while.  As I don’t have the book itself here I’m paraphrasing, but this one sounded just like me, to myself anyway.

Sketchy Dave is scolding Lolli for just up and telling Val all about herself.

Lolli says, "I tell everybody everything.  People only believe what they can handle.  It’s how I know who I can trust."

I’m sure I’ve gotten it horribly wrong, but the gist is there.  And it is absolutely who I am.  There are things I hold back, but they are my very private and personal things.  Most things, I just come out and say, and one of the reasons I do that is because people’s reactions are a quick way to gauge who is a good fit for you as a friend.  You can’t pretend to be someone you’re not and then get mad if people find out who you really are and don’t like you, not reasonably.  But if you’re open from the first, they know and you know whether or not you’ll really get along.