Seven good things this week:

  1. At last week’s music rehearsal for my current production, I was ready to put down my score and sing from memory.  This meant I was ahead of the game, as we didn’t have to be able to do that until just today.

  2. I got to rehearse my half a line on Monday night.

  3. On Tuesday, I relaxed in the afternoon.

  4. On Wednesday, I had a very productive meeting with some colleagues from across the whole school system.

  5. Also on Wednesday at a curriculum fair, I talked to several potential new students and their parents, as well as meeting some parents of former/current students.  What was especially nice was being able to talk to a parent of a student who struggled in classes with me last year who is doing very well with the other Latin teacher this year.  It was nice to be able to tell her how genuinely pleased I am that he’s doing so well.

  6. On Friday I had some amazingly delicious vegetarian pot pie.

  7. Last night I went to the theatre and it was phenomenal. 

I could actually list more: standing up for myself in a situation I wouldn’t have a year ago, the fact that my roommate and his colleagues had an article published which meant they celebrated which meant he brought home cake…  Lots more.  Yay for good weeks, especially when it looked like it was going to be a stressful week.