Last week I tried to have a kick a day.  I’m going to go for the same thing this week.  We’ll see how it works out.

1. On Sunday, I got out of rehearsal an hour early.
2. On Monday, I did really well in dance class and my parents brought me hushpuppies.
3. On Tuesday, I had no meetings.
4. On Wednesday, we only had students for half a day. And when you’re used to a 90 minute class, 55 minutes flies by.
5. On Thursday, I gave a test in two of my classes, which is always nice because it makes for a low-energy day.
6. On Friday, I saw The Princess Bride on the big screen at the Carolina Theatre.  And found out they will have Space Balls, The Secret of NIMH, and Terminator showing in the near future.  Also a friend was working the concessions stand.
7. Yesterday, I spent $4 and got a whole pizza for it, because Will’s dad gave him a gift card and we ordered 3 pizzas and I only had to pay the difference on the order between the gift card amount and the total.

That is all.