I just finished reading The Lightning Thief.  I won’t be reviewing it here, as I’m saving it for my new project in media res (more to come on that later), but I love it.  Rick Riordan is my hero.  I want to write books like THAT.  Also, I think I maybe would like to work with middle school students.

I knew I would love The Lightning Thief, because of the premise, and then because of the first page, but I really truly loved it on page 2, when Percy Jackson declared his Latin teacher cool and confessed that Latin was the only class in which he could stay awake.  As a “cool” Latin teacher of students with ADHD, I was so there.

Also, I like to pretend I’m a descendant of Athena.

Also also, it made me immensely happy that Rick Riordan’s description of Hades sounded just like my boyfriend, except  with long hair.

So, yeah.  That is my PERSONAL response to The Lightning Thief.  You can expect my professional response mid-July, when I launch in media res.  At that point I’m hoping to have some lesson ideas - not full on plans, but ideas - related to the book, as well as my in depth “How useful is this for teaching kids ancient culture?” review.