Where have I been? Where am I going?

Life gets in the way. Work makes me tired, and various projects capture my imagination at different times. And every once in a while, a book tricks me into thinking I don't like reading.

So, my enthusiasm for the kid lit world has actually been dampened by attempt to keep a commitment to it. You see, I read this one book for The Edge of the Forest, and now owe Kelly a review, and I really liked that book. The book took me a while to get into, but after a little while I was really invested. So I thought, okay, I will move on to the next one of the books she sent me to review a year ago. (I am all kinds of slacker.)

Well, I'm on p. 130something, and I am just finding the book so dull. It's not bad exactly; I just don't care what happens to the characters. I thought, "Well I'll get through and review it anyway," but I thought, "What will I say about this book?" And quite honestly, were I to write a review it would go like this:

I thought this book was boring. I didn't care what happened to the characters. I was never drawn into the world. I can't even provide a reasonable explanation of what was wrong with it, as it was well-written enough. It wasn't bad or anything. It just bored me.

I thought that wouldn't be a very useful review; with books I don't love I still try and figure out who would like them, for whom they'd be suited. But the fact of the matter is, if anyone was going to like this book, it was going to be me. It's a fantasy set in the Dungeons and Dragons universe. (Dragonlance, for those of you familiar with the series.) It's about sisters, and the sisterly dynamic is a big part of the book. But it just can't hold my attention.

So I said, "Self," I said to myself, "you need to try a different book, and see if you like it better."

So I picked up Tim Lott's Fearless, and that is a book I got into right away, and I will review it here at lectitans when I am done with it.  

Thank goodness I still like reading.