Hi there, friends! Once again, I have registered to participate in National Novel Writing Month. (If you want to be buddies, you can find me under the name KimberlyH.) I have tried plotting and I have tried pantsing, and I have gotten almost halfway to the 50,000 word finish line, but I have yet to complete a NaNovel. So I'm trying a few things differently this year.
1) I am neither pantsing nor plotting, but doing this bizarre thing where I have a vague notion and I have notes about ideas I want to use, but I have no idea where this thing is taking me.
2) I am treating this like a giant 50,000 word free write, which is what it's supposed to be anyway. I don't know why I have always felt like I needed to write a GOOD novel for NaNo. It's not really the point.
And the big one, number three:
3) I am soliciting you as members of my reading group. All this means is that as I write the novel, you will get installments emailed to you for you to read or delete at will. I do request that you offer no critique during the NaNo-ing period; we'll save that for NaNoEdMo. But reminders and proddings to send more story are perfectly acceptable.
If you would like to be part of my reading group, comment here or drop me an email at your preferred address for me or at lectitans at gmail dot com. You will get an invite to a Google Group called "The Theatre Fairy." I am the only person with posting access and I promise only to send out story bits. I will need your email address to invite you.
So if you'd care to join me for this crazy ride, let me know!