Over at Just One More Book, Andrea and Mark are celebrating their wedding anniversary with a meme. Here’s the question:

Which children’s book best represents your marriage? your life?

I’m not married (yet! July 22!), but I’ve been with Will (that’s his name) long enough to know exactly the book for this:

Cinderella Skeleton (The link takes you to my earlier post about the book.) A little bit morbid, very sweet. Not at all serious. And that’s us.

(It was that or the one from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark where the girl wears the green ribbon around her neck and if she takes it off, her head will fall off. For my 18th birthday, Will gave me a necklace that I take off so rarely that I do tell people that if I take it off my head will just roll right to the ground.)

As for my life, I have to go with Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. Lola Cepp is excessively dramatic, wears really strange but carefully calculated outfits, and is a flamingo in a flock of pigeons. That’s me.