I do a lot of blog reading, in topics including blogging, craft, educational technology, fashion, video games, children’s and young adult literature, organization, personal branding, personal development, personal finance, productivity, and writing. Via a post on the Personal Branding Blog, I found this excellent post: You don’t need a blog topic. Just start writing.

I’m forever starting new blogs on niche topics. Currently I have them on the topics of craft/design, personal development, reading, and theatre. But I’ve felt a new project coming on, and Monica’s post inspired me. Her advice:

Write about what you’re learning.

I’m learning all the time. It is my favorite thing to do. So here at kimberlyhirsh.com, that’s what I’m going to do: write about what I’m learning. This may fall under any of the categories about which I read.  Learning is always bringing in something new, and will always give me plenty about which to write.

So welcome. I hope you learn from my learning!