LATIN (from The Latin Library): Urbs antiqua fuit, Tyrii tenuere coloni, Karthago, Italiam contra Tiberinaque longe ostia, dives opum studiisque asperrima belli; quam Iuno fertur terris magis omnibus unam
posthabita coluisse Samo; hic illius arma, hic currus fuit; hoc regnum dea gentibus esse, si qua fata sinant, iam tum tenditque fovetque.

ENGLISH (my translation): There was an ancient city (the Tyrian settlers held it) Carthage, far away facing Italy and the Tiber’s mouth, rich in resources and very fierce in the pursuits of war; the only city which Juno is said to have cherished more than all the other lands, with Samo estemmed less: here were her arms, here was her chariot; now already the goddess aimed for and cherished this city to be the ruling power for the races, if some fate would allow it.

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