So I’ve been “participating” for almost 17 hours now and spent less than 4 of it reading.  Oops?

Non-48HBC activities have included sleeping, eating, and trying to find a crochet pattern to make as a present for a friend.  (In the end, I found something in my stash of already-made items to give her, yay.)  Maybe watching Pushing Daisies, too?

I’m just updating as I complete each book.

So, let’s begin the update itself.

Book: Death’s Daughter by Amber Benson Time Spent: 3 hrs 52 min Total Time Spent on Challenge: 3 hrs 52 min

Quick Review: Death’s Daughter is a fun, quick read.  (Less than 400 pages.)  It’s Amber Benson’s solo debut.  It’s supernatural chick-lit, which I’m not sure if that’s an actual genre, but if it isn’t, it should be.  (I know it’s a subgenre of romance novels.)  It read like a less-graphic Mary Janice Davidson novel.  It provoked me to think a lot about the whole … is it a genre?  trope? thing… with 20-something apparently-shallow ladies finding out that no, they’re actually very competent individuals.  For a fun read, it brought in some good weighty themes like family (the inevitably of being part of them, and the ways in which that’s both pleasant and un) and women’s sexuality.  A good time all around.  Expect a more detailed review later.

Next Up: French Kiss by Sarra Manning (Diary of a Crush: Book 1)