Remember how I was going to participate in Book Blogger Appreciation Week?  That was before I got all caught up in board meetings, readings, projects, and papers.  But I still want to, and I wanted to address Monday’s topic, so here we are.

Monday’s topic was to post your own shortlist of blogs that didn’t get recognized for the BBAW awards.  Colleen and Liz both made excellent posts on the topic, so please read those.

My personal shortlist is really short.  It consists of two blogs that defy categorization.  I picked them because I wanted to introduce to you a couple of people who were my friends before any of us entered the kidlitosphere.  So here we go:

Bildungsroman is the blog of Little Willow, a rock star in the kidlitosphere if ever there was one. She is incredibly sweet and one of my best friends, both online and off. I love her booklists most of all. I pretty much know that if she liked something, I’ll like it too. So if you are one of the three people on earth not already familiar with her blog, go check it out. is Bri’s blog, which is appropriate. Bri is another sweetheart of the kidlitosphere. She’s started a new Tuesday meme where she posts totally random Top 5 lists. Her latest one is Top Five Kidlit Characters Who Were Infinitely Cooler Than Me When I Was Younger. (Where she has Dawn Schafer on her list, I’d put Claudia Kishi, who I think still influences my fashion choices and I know definitely is responsible for my tendency to keep secret stashes of candy everywhere. Which is much less intriguing when your parents don’t care if you eat candy.) Bri reads a lot of books and posts a lot of reviews. Go take a look!

These two ladies are friends I made at The Bronze (that’s a Wikipedia link), the Buffy posting board which along with its successor, The Bronze: Beta, has had the greatest effect on my life of any internet thing ever. Buffy has been over for six years, and the official Bronze posting board has been gone for eight, but they are still my friends and I’m so happy to have them here in the kidlitosphere.