I didn’t get to go to KidLitCon but I’m still learning a lot about it because I’ve been reading all the posts linked from MotherReader’s Round-up.

As you might surmise from my last post, I’ve been reading on average 4 - 6 novels a week for the past few weeks on top of my other assigned readings (articles and such).  One of the things that keeps coming up in the KidLitCon posts is the question of why we blog.  I’ve looked at that question for lectitans several times and it always comes back to the same answer:

I want to share my responses to books.

Sadly, when I read at the rate and with the urgency I’ve been reading, I don’t have time to become too emotionally involved in the books.  So there’s not a lot of response to share.  If things ever calm down a little, I hope to share with you the difference in my experience of reading Twilight the first time and the second time.  I’d also love to talk with you about how reading The Book Thief and What I Saw and How I Lied has inspired me to research my roots - i. e., the Austrian Jews who came here before World War I (thank goodness they did), and also inspired me to confront my intense visceral response to any visual representation of the Holocaust (esp. symbolic memorials) rather than just looking away.

But those deserve actual, real posts, and I just don’t have time for that right now.

So…  I’ll see you with my booklists and for quick little posts here and there, but probably you won’t get anything substantive until December.

I’ll leave you with a link to my first ever recommendation list, which is an assignment for my YA Lit class.  (I haven’t read everything on it, I’m sad to say.)