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I’m already past my quota for the DAY.

What, you don’t write 1700 words in 40 minutes?

I’ll give you a hint:

Make no attempt to disguise your character as not yourself, ramble on at length about the history of comic book characters (summarizing other people’s work really ups your word count!), pour out everything you know about the supernatural, and talk at length about all three of the mean things you and your sister did to each other as little kids.

Current Chapter Title: “Chapter The First: In Which Lauren Grace Vanderbilt Morlock Discovers That She Is, In Fact,Not the Most Important Person in the Entire Universe (Much to Her Dismay)”

Quotes of the Day: “If you would like, we can have a lengthy conversation about how superheroes are our modern mythology, and how it is actually a metaphor when these people gain their powers, for our changing bodies in puberty and our changing roles in life in adolescence and coming to understand our own power of being adult and working that out psychobabble blah blah blahcakes.”

“I get really bad headaches. I keep trying to walk through walls in hopes it will make them better. I usually just end up walking into walls instead, which is not as effective for curing a headache, actually.”

“…I was fairly certain I was destined to save the world at least once, perhaps several times, perhaps over and over again and maybe then someone would go back and actually retcon my life and it would all be different and I would have a new origin story and you do not know, okay?”

“I may be a Marvel girl, but Batman is really cool.”

“So my sister. I love her very much. I think people are supposed to love their sisters, and I love her. I maybe do not really understand her, but we fight much less than many other siblings, so, yeah. We are on pretty good terms, pretty much all of the time. I mean, I am fairly certain she has not stolen any money from my jewelry box for weeks, and I am even more certain that it has been a couple of months since the last time I handed her an empty soda can and said, ‘Here, you can have the rest.’ (Never mind that I fed her dog biscuits when she was two, okay? She was hungry.)”

“I am not known for my ability to shut the hell up.”

“She likes to help people. Which is a really good trait if you are going to have superpowers, I suppose.”