My participation in the Kidlitosphere is on again-off again, mostly off, and right now while I’m not actually physically stressed out by the subscriptions in my Google Reader or the messages in my inbox, it has become only so much digital clutter.  So I am declaring myself on hiatus until further notice, which I hope will be sooner (March or April?) rather than later.  I have a lot going on and I need to pare things down.  So where can you find me in the meanwhile?

I’ll still be posting my booklists here.

I won’t be using the @lectitans Twitter account during this hiatus. I’m planning to use @kimberlyhirsh, though. You can search for me on Facebook.

What’s going on in my life?

  1. I’m in library school. It’s excellent but it’s a lot of reading.
  2. I’m in the Durham Savoyards' production on The Mikado.
  3. I’m working on my own happiness project. If that’s something you’d care to follow, I’ve created a livejournal for it at ping_jing. Adding the Kidlitosphere back to my life will be part of the happiness project but it’s a later phase. Right now, I’m focusing on my health.

Where can you not find me? Here for anything other than my booklists, probably. On mailing lists - I’ve set them to Web only, except for yalsa-bk.

I’ll see you all later. I’m not gone forever. I just thought it would be rude to keep up this absenteeism without letting you know where I was.