In her first #TeachersWrite minilesson, Kate Messner talks about making time to write. This has consistently been a problem for me. I am undisciplined about it, like I’m sure so many others are.

The assignment that goes with the minilesson is this:

Make a writing plan for your summer and for your school year.


  1. What you found that you might be able to cut out of your schedule or cut back on to make time to write.
  2. When you’ll be writing each day & for how long. Remember to be realistic. 15 minutes is fine to start.
  3. Where you’ll usually write.  This can be different places on different days, depending on your schedule.
  4. Who you told about your plans. Remember, sharing your writing plans with the people in your life helps to make them real and reminds your family & friends to give you that space for writing.
So. Planning time.
  1. I spend a lot of time just aimlessly browsing online or watching TV. I think I can probably carve out 15 minutes of that time each day for writing, and as I’ve learned from FlyLady, 15 minutes at a time can accomplish a lot after a while.

  2. So 15 minutes is for how long. When? I think it makes sense to do it as soon as my husband is out the door and off to work, in the summer. Once I’m back at work, I might take 15 minutes out of my lunch to do it.

  3. Where? I have a beautiful home office that is serving as a storage space right now. In addition to spending 15 minutes a day writing, I’ll spend 15 minutes a day getting the office in shape. Once it is, that’s where I’ll write. Until then, I’ll write at our breakfast (and lunch and dinner) table.

  4. I haven’t actually told anybody about my plans yet. I guess I’ll chat with my husband about it when he gets home tonight. And maybe my sister. I tell each of them a lot of stuff.

What about you? Are you making time and space to write?