While having the most fun playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, I remembered that, oh yeah, I like video games. So I’m working my way through Metacritic’s list of RPGs (sorted by Metascore; I know the methodology might not be sound but I don’t really care). Top of the list was Mass Effect 2, but I’m the kind of person who reads BSC books in order, so obvs I had to start with the first one.

I chronicled my experience primarily through Facebook status updates. Here they are for your entertainment:

So far, not as obsessed with Mass Effect as I am with DA:I, but I’m definitely into it enough after the first hour and a half to keep going.


Mass Effect update: definitely more into it now. Going full paragon.


Mass Effect update: vehicular combat, not my fave, but I’m getting better at it. I’m also getting better at using cover, but Tali and Kaidan are doing the heavy lifting in combat. Finishing quests is almost as satisfying here as in Dragon Age. The terrain is very crazy. I keep expecting to crash, but the only trouble I’ve had is driving off the edge of the Feros skyway. I’m very over the Mako. I have to remind myself that games are supposed to involve challenge… I find myself getting frustrated if I die in a spot more than twice. Also, even though I don’t like the Mako, I’m getting the hang of zooming in, which does make my cannon fire much more effective.


It’s an all girl party for me. Shep, Liara, and Tali. Haven’t settled on a romance yet. Stringing them both along at present. But leaning toward Kaidan for no reason in particular. I just met him first and liked him right away. But Liara is so pretty and smart…


Pretty sure I ruined things with Kaidan and accidentally committed myself to Liara. Oops. …But they’re both so broken. I want to love them both! Mass Effect, why won’t you let me choose polyamory?


I was like, “Maybe I’ll replay this to be really completist” because I’m not going to finish all the collections. And then I thought “NO BECAUSE THEN I WILL HAVE TO DRIVE AND FIGHT IN THE MAKO MORE.”