When I decided to come back to tarot and get to know it better, I looked at tens and tens of decks. None of them resonated with me. My first deck, the Mythic Tarot, gifted to me by my mother almost 20 years ago, was basically classical mythology layered on Rider-Waite but I never used it for more than ad hoc crisis readings. I bought the Thoth deck but its imagery felt dense and more obfuscatory than illuminating. I learned about this deck months ago now and with each piece of sample art felt more and more that it was the deck I wanted, but I didn’t want to wait. So I picked up the Tarot of Pagan Cats, because it’s basically a cuter Rider-Waite and I know Rider-Waite is good for beginners. It has been immensely helpful in my learning process. But now The Moonchild Tarot (@moonchildtarot) is available for pre-order and just looking at the box feels like a sacred yes. Neverending Story vibes combined with art nouveau and art deco influences? Yes please.