Adulting achievements

After yesterday’s musings on adulting, I found myself looking for various resources that indicate what some components of adulting are. I found my way to the syllabus for Adulting: Coming of Age in 21st Century America at Georgia Tech, which assigned some videos from the YouTube channel How to Adult. As I started to skim the video titles, I realized that there are, in fact, many things I am quite adult enough to handle. I thought I’d make a list, just to help me remember how very grown up I am on the days when I eat cake for breakfast and my child is the only person who I can manage to dress appropriately for the occasion and weather.

I can:

  • do my taxes
  • do laundry
  • furnish a kitchen
  • cook
  • write a resume
  • succeed in a job interview
  • open a bank account
  • bake
  • declutter & organize
  • quit a job
  • write a cover letter
  • open a retirement account
  • write thank you notes (though of course I don't as often as baby boomers and their parents would like)
  • buy a house
  • get a new car insurance policy
  • start a new job
  • make coffee (three different ways!)
  • meal plan
  • party plan
  • host a party
  • manage a pregnancy
  • care for a child (including feeding, changing, bathing, clothing, entertaining)
  • choose a doctor
  • enroll in health insurance
  • use a library
  • send mail
  • take out a loan
  • repay a loan
  • use public transportation
  • use a slow cooker
  • unclog a toilet (including using a toilet snake/auger!)

And this is just a small sampling, based on the How to Adult video channel! I can also:

  • take my own measurements
  • purchase clothes that fit and make me feel confident
  • get a mortgage
  • connect utilities
  • pay bills
  • buy a car
  • make tea (in a bag or loose leaf!)
  • assert myself in interactions with a doctor
  • replace the items from a stolen wallet
  • drive
  • put gas in a car
  • buy a plane ticket
  • navigate an airport
  • use a pressure cooker
  • use a microwave
  • use a toaster oven
  • use an oven
  • handwash dishes
  • load and run a dishwasher

And of course there are many more things I can do!

Probably we each need to cut ourselves a break sometimes and recognize how awesome we are and all the stuff we can do.

Kimberly Hirsh @kimberlyhirsh