After realizing that 1. The Muppets (specifically those of The Muppet Show) is pretty much my first fandom and 2. I got into them when I was the same age M. is now (3) and they still bring me immense joy, I’ve been thinking about what other things I was super into at that time, and trying to bring them back into my life.

In addition to The Muppets, I was very into swimming and going to the beach. I can’t do either of those things right now, but I have been reading [Blue Mind] while taking salt water baths, and it is scratching that itch.

I went to see my first musical when I was three. It was A Chorus Line. I remember not understanding how speakers work, so I kept insisting to my parents that there was a performer behind me. It’s weird to realize that these are the days that will be the foundation of M.’s earliest memories, memories he’ll still have when he’s in his 30s and beyond. I’ve been listening to cast recordings more lately than I have in a while. (It’s taking me forever to get through Hadestown. It’s gorgeous, but so long.) Broadway HD has a 7 day trial, so I’m planning to get that and maybe keep it for a month or two.

I’m pretty sure I was super into Star Wars already at this age (and so is M.). I’ve been systematically consuming ALL THE STAR WARS CONTENT thanks to the Star Wars Canon Timeline (in release order, of course, because I’m me). I’d taken a break to dig into some other stuff, but I’ll probably get back to it soon.

The other things I know I liked when I was three including imagining what it would be like to be a ballerina (but not actually doing ballet, apparently I was creeped out by the mirrors?), and this one girl named Elizabeth. Who I ended up naming my sister after. But that’s another story for another blog post. (Maybe tomorrow.)