Sometimes, as an exercise to give me insight into what I should be focusing on, where I should put my attention, whenever I’m choosing an activity rather than fulfilling an obligation, I ask myself, What would I do if money were no object?

For at least a few years now, maybe longer, the answer has been that I would learn in public. That’s it. My perfect day would be that I would get up, have a walk and breakfast with my family, take my kid to school, then pop on a podcast about whatever I’m learning, go home and spend the morning writing about what I learned yesterday, and the afternoon learning some more: reading or listening or watching or, most importantly, practicing whatever my new thing is. And then I’d get the kid, and we’d learn something together, and then maybe go for another walk, and have dinner as a family. And then I’d play games of some sort, and eventually I’d go to bed.

It’s kind of amazing that I just banged out that perfect day so quickly, because I’ve been thinking about the perfect day exercise for years, and been stumped, and just now as I was writing about learning in public I realized that this is it.

Something else I’ve been moving toward and that really gelled for me this morning is the idea that, even though money is an object, I can still learn in public. Whatever new thing I’m doing, I can write about it.

And then, of course, I realized that I’ve actually been doing that for years, too.

Hm. And oh hey, look, when I first bought the domain name, I even said that the whole point of the thing was to write about what I’m learning.

But now I’m going to do it a little more deliberately, I think. A bit more consciously. I’m toying with the idea of doing something like they do on the By the Book podcast, picking a domain and then within that domain picking a book or website or whatever and then applying everything I learn from that resource, and blogging about it the whole way. We’ll see. I’m starting with Jeff Goins’s book, You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One). He said, “Commit to writing something–anything–today. Maybe… Write it just to get it out. Right. Now.” And here we are.